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Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure

Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure

As a Colorado real estate professional you are aware that your seller’s must complete the Colorado sellers property disclosure for their property. The current workflow typically entails emailing your clients the property disclosure and then waiting for them to complete it (many times with multiple revisions), sign and date the form and then send it back to you via fax or email.  In addition to degrading the quality of your document due to multiple transmissions back and forth, you are wasting precious time waiting for your customer to fax or email the property disclosure back to you.

Our goal at BULL Forms has always been to make your jobs easier. Completing the DORA Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure should not require hours of work.  Great news, we just launched a new feature… Share

Sharing a CREC Contract

Once you are ready to share a form, click on the share icon from within your form, outlined in red below:

BULL Forms Colorado DORA Share Icon

Once clicked, a window will open requesting that you enter the information on the parties that you would like to share the document with.

Send Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure For Completion

You can send the email to multiple parties by entering a comma between each of the emails.  Also, you should enter some descriptive comments so that the parties you are sharing your document with are aware of what and why they are completing the form.

Once completed, the parties will receive an email like the one illustrated below:

BULL Forms Colorado DORA Share Email

The link will expire after 7 days.  If the parties you shared the form with are having issues clicking on the email, instruct them to copy and paste the link into their web browser.  Once they have clicked on the link they will be taken to the Division of Real Estate contract you chose to share with them.  It should look familiar to you as it is similar to our classic view.

Once they have completed entering their information in their Colorado sellers property disclosure they will click on the submit button, as pictured below:

Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure Screenshot

Once your clients click on the submit button, you will receive an email informing you that the parties have completed the form you requested.  The email is sent to the account you have registered with BULL Forms Colorado and looks like the image below:

BULL Forms Colorado DORA Sharing Completed

When you log back into your account the form will have all of the information your parties entered into the document.  You can now send this document to them for e-signature.

The sharing feature is available for all of the forms, therefore, you can share a contract with an attorney if they would like to review a contract or with any other interested parties.

Thank you and we hope this speeds up your Colorado sellers property disclosure tasks.

The BULL Forms Team

DORA updates CREC contracts for 2012

Updated CREC forms from DORA

The following is a list of newly updated forms effective as of the first of the year in Colorado.  BULL Forms has already updated these CREC Contracts in the system. Enjoy.

Sales Contracts

  • CBS1-10-11   –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate-Residential
  • CBS2-10-11   –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Income-Residential)
  • CBS3-10-11   –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate-Commercial
  • CBS4-10-11   –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate-Land
  • CBSF1-10-11  –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Colorado Foreclosure Protection Act)

Addenda to Contracts

  • LB36-10-11   –  Licensee Buy-Out Addendum to Contract to Buy & Sell Real Estate – This form is to be used when a broker enters into a contract to purchase a property either: (a) concurrent with the listing of such property; or (b) as an inducement or to facilitate the property owner’s purchase of another property; or (c) continues to market that property on behalf of the owner under an existing listing contract.
  • PCO70-10-11    –  Post Closing Occupancy Agreement
  • RA33010-11    –  Residential Addendum to Contract to Buy & Sell Real Estate
  • SSA38-10-11   –  Short Sale Addendum (Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate)
  • SSA39-10-11   –  Short Sale Addendum (Seller Listing Contract)

Disclosure Documents

  • SPD19-10-11   –  Seller’s Property Disclosure (All Types of Properties)
  • SPD29-10-11   –  Seller’s Property Disclosure (Residential)
  • Estoppel Statement   –  Estoppel Statement

Notice Documents

  • NTC43-10-11   –  Inspection Objection
  • NTC43R-10-11   –  Inspection Resolution
  • NTT44-10-11   –  Notice to Terminate


  • CP40-10-11   –  Counterproposal

Agreements to Amend/Extend Contract

  • AE41-10-11   –  Agreement to Amend/Extend Contract



November Agent Spotlight – Debra Christensen


It has been a while since our last agent spotlight, and we have improved our product drastically over the course of the past 3 months thanks to feedback from our users. Please keep giving us your feedback here. Let’s dive right into the next edition of our agent spotlight:


Name: Debra Christensen

Company: Keller Williams Foothills Realty


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How Long Have you been in Real Estate?

6 Years

What areas of Colorado / Type of Property do you specialize in?

I specialize in the Foothills of Denver – Evergreen, Conifer, Pine, Bailey, Morrison, Genesee – I-70 and the 285 corridor.  I have earned the ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative designation and the CMAS (Certified Mountain Area Specialist) and feel very strongly that if you’re looking to buy and/or sell in the Mountains, you should use a Mountain Specialist.  We know the questions to ask.

What other real estate contract software did you use before switching to bull forms?

I’ve used RealFast, QES, Metrolist’s Instanet and tried CTM econtracts before finding Bull Forms.  I’m not changing again – love this product!

Tell us how BULL Forms has helped you in your day to day business

I decided to go with electronic contracts when I was in a situation where we had to get an inspection notice and Amend/Extend delivered and I had another appointment looming. I had to rush home, boot up my computer, quickly write the documents, email them to my client who had to print them out, scan them in page by page, email them back to me to deliver to the agent on time.

Bull Forms is so easy! I can access it on my Droid phone, my Tablet and any computer when I’m with clients. Clients love it, the learning curve is fast and fun.

What are your favorite features of BULL Forms?

Love that I can write as much as I need to, that my clients name can be (almost) as long as it needs to be. (Don’t know why i work with so many Trusts and Estates??). Compared to CTM the learning curve is quick and easy and I’m always learning new features. Signing is a dream and I like that I can decide where and when I want initials and/or signatures.

My company has it’s own econtract system and I’m trying to learn it, but it is so not as easy as Bull Forms. I like that I can add my own documents.

What issues have you had using BULL Forms?

1. Would like the Seller’s Property Disclosure be an open form where clients can check their own boxes. I am not allowed to fill this out or help them with it, so I have to go back to the old system and make them fill it out by hand and get it back to me.

BULL Forms Comment: We are in the process of adding this functionality. Hopefully it will be launched within the next few weeks!

2. I’ve experienced difficulty with scanning a document in and the file is too large with my scanner at home, so I’ve had to go to the office to scan it. Sure this is my fault, I’ll figure it out.

3. For some reason, the auto populate still isn’t working right with my contact information (office, name, phone, etc). I have to really check each form-switching form views, and sometimes don’t realize that it’s been placed incorrectly before I get to signatures, then have to go back and correct it and start the signature process again. I would like my information visible on the Auto Populate form, so I can make sure it is correct.

BULL Forms Comment: We apologize for this issue as it is unacceptable.  We will do everything in our power to ensure this feature is working properly.


I play the piano and accompany the high school group at our local theatre: StageDoor Theatre in Conifer. Currently we’re performing “Hello Dollly”.


My sister-in-law is a graphic designer and very envious of me with these electronic contracts! She wants a easy application for her contracts!

BULL Forms Comment: Just as an FYI, we launched our full featured e-signature solution here.

We would like to thank Debra for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat with us. If you are interested in signing up, please do so here.



-BULL Forms Support

Colorado Real Estate Contracts in Color

If you have not checked out some of our other new features, please do so by clicking here.

The information you input into DORA Colorado Real Estate Contracts now shows up  in the color of your choosing!

As usual, our users have continued to provide us with invaluable feedback. Another frequently requested feature was the ability to complete DORA Colorado Real Estate contracts with different color fonts to differentiate the agent generated information from the information on the standard real estate contract.

Good news as BULL Forms now supports this feature.  Let’s take a look at how you can set your account to print DORA Colorado Contracts in different color fonts.

First, login to your dashboard, and click on the preferences tab:

Once on the preference tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page:

As you can see, you have the option of the default black text, or you can opt for Blue or Red font colors.  Once you have made a change, click on the update button.  Moving forward all of the information you add to the DORA Colorado Real Estate Contracts will appear in the color you selected.

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If you have any other questions, please contact us via our contact form.

DORA Colorado Contracts – Autofill Update

BULL Forms Colorado has updated our autofill feature

One of the most frequently requested feature updates by our Colorado real estate agents is autofill. When we first launched our product we struggled with how to best implement the autofill feature. We chose to roll it out with limited functionality and improve upon it based on user feedback.

Based on our Colorado user feedback we have upgraded the autofill function.  You can now choose which side of the transaction you are representing, either the buyer or seller. You can now also pre-populate up to 4 buyers and sellers on the DORA CREC contracts.

Below is a brief walk through of the update:

You can access the autofill fields at any time from within a deal by clicking on the icon next to the deal name:

BULL Forms Colorado Autofill Icon

Autofill is also accessible when you first create a deal by checking “create deal and view auto fill options”:

BULL Forms Colorado New Deal Auto Fill

Below is what the auto fill window will look like when it is first opened.  The top portion of the window is where you select which side of the transaction you are representing.  If you are representing the buyer, click on the buyer radio button and all of your information will be pre-populated on the buyers side of the DORA contracts.

BULL Forms Colorado Auto Fill Representing

When entering buyers and sellers you now also have the option to include up to 4 buyers and sellers. Click on the show more button to add more buyers:

BULL Forms Colorado Add Buyers Autofill

You will now have two additional fields to add buyers 2 and 3 to the transaction:

BULL Forms Colorado Auto Fill 4 Buyers

You have just added these 3 buyers to all of the contracts that you create within this deal.  If at any time you would like to update any of the information you can open the autofill window and change the information. This will affect all of your forms within the deal moving forward.

As always we want to hear your feedback. We want to find out if you would like changes in the autofill function to be applied to all of your previous contracts in the deal.


BULL Forms Team

DORA Forms and File Storage = Ultimate Real Estate Tool

BULL Forms is proud to announce the launch of our fully integrated file storage solution.

What does this mean for agents using our product to generate DORA forms?

All BULL Forms Colorado users can now upload, share and store all of their files easily using the same familiar interface they have become accustomed to. There is no additional charge to our users and all users have unlimited file storage!

You no longer have to use multiple programs, frequently jumping between programs. Instead you can now easily upload multiple files into your deal and you will have all of the information you need in one easy to access location. Your files are automatically synced into the cloud and available from any computer with internet access using your account credentials.

Let’s see how the file storage solution works. When you log into your account you will now notice that there is a file icon on each one of your deals:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Icon

Click on the “files” icon to be taken into the file navigator:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Dashboard


Once within the files dashboard you will be able to navigate between deals to view all files in each of your files.  All of your deals will automatically be listed on the left hand side of the window.  Please note: If you delete a deal, you will delete all associated forms and files!

From the main screen you can choose to create a folder or upload files.  If you want to keep your files nice and neat, you may want to add a new folder, you can do so by clicking on the “Create Folder” icon, you will be prompted to name the folder, as pictured below:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Create FolderType in your desired folder name and click create or enter to create the folder.  Here is what the folder you just created will look like:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Folder ListDouble click on the new folder to jump in and view its contents.

To upload files lets click on the “Upload” icon.  Click on the “Select” button near the top right corner.  Your browser’s file manager will open.  Select all of the files that you wish to upload.  You can select as many files as you like. Once you have started uploading files you will be shown your progress.  Once all uploads are complete you will see a window like this:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage UploadedIf you are done uploading files you can click on the “finished” icon or the “X” on the top right corner of the window. You will now see your files, as illustrated below:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Uploaded FilesYou have the option to rename, download, share or delete each file.  If you want to send your client or co-worker a file, but don’t want to download and email the file, you can share the file with one click.  Click on the “Share” icon. The file will be shared, and you will see the following:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Shared

Click on the email link and you will see the email window:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Email Link

Your client or coworker will receive an email with a link to the file that you have shared. Be careful as this file will be available to any party with the link.  The public view of the file will look like this:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Public ViewAll of us here at BULL Forms hope that you enjoy the file storage solution and integrate it into your Real Estate Offices. You now have one location to generate your DORA Colorado Contracts and save all of your files!

As always, if you have any feedback or feature recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You will be surprised how quickly we respond.

Thank you,

BULL Forms Team

Inman Agent Reboot Denver

BULL Forms is excited to participate in Inman’s Agent Reboot Denver

As we have mentioned before:

We are dedicated to providing Colorado Real Estate Agents with the best technology available at a reasonable price. We have chosen to work with Inman because we feel their audience is amongst the most tech savvy and innovative within the Real Estate community.   If you are attending agent reboot please checkout our “Chair Drop” for your opportunity to save $5.00 off of your first month’s subscription to our DORA form solution.  If you are not attending and would still like to receive the discounted first month please view our “Chair Drop” below:

If you are in the Denver area and are undecided about attending we strongly recommend it.  We attended the conference in South Florida and benefitted greatly from hearing industry experts discussing what they know best and networking with the other real estate agents in attendance.

For those that are attending, be on the look out for a BULL Forms giveaway. BULL Forms is giving away an annual subscription valued at $99.99.

Inman News is the leading source of independent real estate news, information, advice, research, opinion and commentary for industry professionals and consumers alike.

DORA Form Updates Coming Soon

Colorado Real Estate Professionals be on the look out there are some form changes on the horizon.  Here is a quick summary of the updates:

2 Forms Deleted

  • Addenda to Contracts: Short Sale Addendum
  • Optional Forms (Not Mandatory): Estoppel Statement

1 Amended Form

  • Notice Documents: Inspection Notice (will now be Inspection Objection)

4 New Forms

  • Addenda to Contracts: Short Sale Addendum to Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate
  • Addenda to Contracts: Short Sale Addendum to Listing Contract
  • Disclosure Documents: Estoppel Statement
  • Closings: Post Closing Occupancy Agreement

The entire body of the rule can be found here (PDF link)

As always, when the forms are updated we will make the changes to our program ASAP at no additional costs.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.


BULL Forms Team