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BULL Forms

BULL Forms is quickly becoming Colorado's leading Real Estate Form solution. Created by real estate professionals, for real estate professionals. Working across multiple platforms and devices, BULL Forms was built from the ground up with you in mind. Generate your DORA Forms with ease. Simplicity is our goal and we encourage your feedback and questions. If you have any questions or have features that you would like to see incorporated into the product, we want to hear about them.

AMN Forms

AMN Forms's principals incorporate years of real estate experience into every product they create. Having used the available options themselves, they know the limitations of current solutions available to the real estate community. As real estate professionals they understand the requirements of the job and create products that are easy to use and to get the job done quickly. Founded in 2009, AMN Forms has grown into one of the leading providers of online form solutions offering cutting edge technology with simplicity in mind. With 6 additional launches slated for this year, they are busy improving your efficiency.

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