Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure

Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure

As a Colorado real estate professional you are aware that your seller’s must complete the Colorado sellers property disclosure for their property. The current workflow typically entails emailing your clients the property disclosure and then waiting for them to complete it (many times with multiple revisions), sign and date the form and then send it back to you via fax or email.  In addition to degrading the quality of your document due to multiple transmissions back and forth, you are wasting precious time waiting for your customer to fax or email the property disclosure back to you.

Our goal at BULL Forms has always been to make your jobs easier. Completing the DORA Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure should not require hours of work.  Great news, we just launched a new feature… Share

Sharing a CREC Contract

Once you are ready to share a form, click on the share icon from within your form, outlined in red below:

BULL Forms Colorado DORA Share Icon

Once clicked, a window will open requesting that you enter the information on the parties that you would like to share the document with.

Send Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure For Completion

You can send the email to multiple parties by entering a comma between each of the emails.  Also, you should enter some descriptive comments so that the parties you are sharing your document with are aware of what and why they are completing the form.

Once completed, the parties will receive an email like the one illustrated below:

BULL Forms Colorado DORA Share Email

The link will expire after 7 days.  If the parties you shared the form with are having issues clicking on the email, instruct them to copy and paste the link into their web browser.  Once they have clicked on the link they will be taken to the Division of Real Estate contract you chose to share with them.  It should look familiar to you as it is similar to our classic view.

Once they have completed entering their information in their Colorado sellers property disclosure they will click on the submit button, as pictured below:

Colorado Sellers Property Disclosure Screenshot

Once your clients click on the submit button, you will receive an email informing you that the parties have completed the form you requested.  The email is sent to the account you have registered with BULL Forms Colorado and looks like the image below:

BULL Forms Colorado DORA Sharing Completed

When you log back into your account the form will have all of the information your parties entered into the document.  You can now send this document to them for e-signature.

The sharing feature is available for all of the forms, therefore, you can share a contract with an attorney if they would like to review a contract or with any other interested parties.

Thank you and we hope this speeds up your Colorado sellers property disclosure tasks.

The BULL Forms Team

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