Auto Insert N/A into Colorado Real Estate Contracts

What to Do With Blank Fields In Your Colorado Real Estate Contracts

Here at BULL Forms we are constantly striving to offer the best real estate contract software to all of our users.  We include e-signatures and unlimited file storage at no additional cost.  We are constantly adding features and improving our product based on feedback provided by our users.  We love feedback!

All too often we write a new blog post and it starts off with, “based on customer requests we have added a new feature”, but here we are again…  Our customers were frequently requesting a way to insert N/A into all of the empty fields in their Colorado real estate contracts.  We have added this functionality and you can activate the feature in under 4 clicks.

How to Enable Auto N/A in your Colorado Real Estate Contracts

First step, click on dashboard near the top right of the screen
to enter your dashboard area.

Colorado Real Estate Contracts Dashboard

Once your dashboard is loaded up.  Click on the personalize tab:
BULL Forms Colorado DORA Preferences Tab
Scroll down to the bottom of the tab.  Under the autofill N/A section click on autofill N/A on and then click on the green update button:
BULL Forms Colorado DORA Click Here
As promised, 4 clicks and you have no enabled auto N/A insertion into all of the empty fields in your Colorado Real Estate Contracts.  Now every time that you generate a form, all of the empty fields will have an N/A inserted by default.  We feel like we know the next question you are going to ask.  “I don’t want N/A in all of the fields, just most, how do I remove the N/A from one field?”
Great question, to have a field show up as blank, simply enter 1 space into the field you do not want anything printed in.  Please ensure you are only entering 1 space, if you enter 2 spaces N/A will print in the field.
Thank you for your continued support and we hope we are making your Colorado Real Estate Contracts solution easier.
BULL Forms

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