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Plan Ahead When Leaving Your Colorado Home Because of Fire

No one wants to have to evacuate their home, but in the case of the Colorado fires, it may be necessary. The safety of your family is more important than anything, but when you have warning, you can do some essential things to protect your belongings and your home. Here are some things you’ll want to remember when leaving your home. The Colorado real estate is replaceable but your personal items aren’t.

Create an Inventory of Items

If you have plenty of time before evacuating, or if you expect that you’ll have to evacuate soon but there has been no official call, you may have time to create an inventory of your items. To do this, take a video camera with you around your home and catalog as many of your items as possible. Don’t forget personal items like jewelry and other valuable things. Once you have the video tape created, you can make lists at another location using the videotape as a guide. This can help immensely with insurance claims if needed.

Protecting Your Home

While in some cases, devastation is unavoidable, there are some things you can do before leaving that will help you protect your home. First and foremost, turn off any gas lines that are going into your home. Close all of the windows and doors in your home so that it’s protected as much as possible. Next, turn on your sprinkler system so that the ground outside is wet. Place materials outdoors that will help with fighting fires, such as buckets full of water, extra long hoses connected to water sources and shovels. Wet the exterior of your home down by saturating it with a water hose.

Things You Will Want to Take

You can replace larger items in your home, but there are some things you will want to have ready to leave in case you must evacuate. Your pets should have carriers ready so that you can get them and go at a moment’s notice, and they should have collars with identification information on them. Make sure to pack a tote bag with pet supplies like pet food, medication, leashes, etc. Don’t forget to pack the video camera with the inventory tape. Gather important documents into folders, such as your driver’s license, your family’s social security cards, birth certificates, and financial items like check books, credit cards and any cash you have on you. You’ll want to also include the deed to your home, medical information and supplies, and the deeds to any property you own, such as car titles.

If you have extra time, you’ll want to gather the things in your home that can’t be replaced such as baby books, photographs, and anything with sentimental value. Finally, you’ll want to pack at least a few days’ worth of clothing and toiletry items that are necessities.

Although it’s a scary thought to have to leave your home and your real estate behind, being prepared can make it easier for you and planning ahead can ensure that you don’t leave anything essential behind.  From all of us at BULL Forms Colorado we are thinking of you and hoping that you are safe.  BULL Forms Colorado is your simple, easy, real estate form supplier.

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