DORA updates CREC contracts for 2012

Updated CREC forms from DORA

The following is a list of newly updated forms effective as of the first of the year in Colorado.  BULL Forms has already updated these CREC Contracts in the system. Enjoy.

Sales Contracts

  • CBS1-10-11   –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate-Residential
  • CBS2-10-11   –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Income-Residential)
  • CBS3-10-11   –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate-Commercial
  • CBS4-10-11   –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate-Land
  • CBSF1-10-11  –  Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Colorado Foreclosure Protection Act)

Addenda to Contracts

  • LB36-10-11   –  Licensee Buy-Out Addendum to Contract to Buy & Sell Real Estate – This form is to be used when a broker enters into a contract to purchase a property either: (a) concurrent with the listing of such property; or (b) as an inducement or to facilitate the property owner’s purchase of another property; or (c) continues to market that property on behalf of the owner under an existing listing contract.
  • PCO70-10-11    –  Post Closing Occupancy Agreement
  • RA33010-11    –  Residential Addendum to Contract to Buy & Sell Real Estate
  • SSA38-10-11   –  Short Sale Addendum (Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate)
  • SSA39-10-11   –  Short Sale Addendum (Seller Listing Contract)

Disclosure Documents

  • SPD19-10-11   –  Seller’s Property Disclosure (All Types of Properties)
  • SPD29-10-11   –  Seller’s Property Disclosure (Residential)
  • Estoppel Statement   –  Estoppel Statement

Notice Documents

  • NTC43-10-11   –  Inspection Objection
  • NTC43R-10-11   –  Inspection Resolution
  • NTT44-10-11   –  Notice to Terminate


  • CP40-10-11   –  Counterproposal

Agreements to Amend/Extend Contract

  • AE41-10-11   –  Agreement to Amend/Extend Contract



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