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Finding Great Real Estate in Colorado

Looking for Great Real Estate in Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful state that offers something for everyone. Gorgeous mountains are just part of the landscape, and Colorado offers up a full four seasons; changing leaves in the fall, snow in the winter, mild weather during the spring and hot summers. It’s a wonderful state to purchase land and real estate, but there are some things potential home buyers or real estate investors should know before purchasing Colorado real estate.

Finding Cheaper Real Estate

One of the best ways to find affordable real estate in Colorado is to check just outside the major cities and tourist areas. For instance, rather than looking for a home located in Denver, try finding a home in the nearby Littleton or Idaho Springs. Real estate is cheaper in these areas, but the drive to Denver is very short so it’s easy to enjoy all the draws of the city. With location being one of the most important aspects of finding real estate, looking just outside your target area can help you save thousands of dollars on a home or real estate property.


Looking for low-priced foreclosures in Colorado is a great idea, especially considering that this state is often at the top of the list for highest number of foreclosures in a state. Investing in a home or property in the middle of a foreclosure can save you thousands of dollars. There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind, though. Foreclosed Colorado homes may be damaged homes, and it could take money to make them habitable or “flip” them into a property that is going to sell for a profit. Make sure you understand the full condition of a property before committing. Looking for foreclosed homes in Colorado is a great way to find affordable real estate.

The Colorado Water Real Estate Issue

One thing you should know about before purchasing real estate in Colorado is that many pieces of Colorado property are simply no good because the owners cannot get running water to the property. Because Colorado is naturally a dry state, and because nearby large cities have purchased up most of the Colorado water supply, there are many pieces of property where adequate water supply is simply out of the question. In fact, those who sell property in Colorado are required under the Colorado House Bill 07-1156 to supply buyers with information regarding how the water is supplied to the property and what condition the water supply is in. It is recommended that you contact the company or individual supplying the water to find out the condition of the water supply before buying or committing to Colorado real estate properties.

Consider Hiring an Agent

While you can certainly find great real estate in Colorado on your own, hiring an agent may be a good move. Agents familiar with the area can help you secure a great piece of real estate that is promising, whether you plan to live there or sell it for profit. Be sure to research the agent and agency to ensure that they’re trustworthy, and you can really save a lot of money on Colorado real estate.

Overall, Colorado is a great place to invest in, but it’s important to do your research first and be sure you know what you’re getting into.

Focusing on Curb Appeal can Help Sell a Home

Curb Appeal In Colorado Matters

Colorado features some of the most beautiful homes and natural areas in the United States. However, when it comes to selling a home, it’s important to do what you can to enhance the natural beauty of the land and the aesthetic features of the home. There are some great ways that real estate agents can focus on the curb appeal of a home to increase the chances of selling it.

Colorado Curb Appeal Real Estate

photo by sisterbeer

Taking Care of the Lawn

Make sure the lawn is cut and weeded, to give the home a well-manicured look. Weed any flowerbeds and plant season-appropriate greenery or flowers. Trim all the hedges and make sure trees are pruned. Many simple things can update the look of a lawn, including mulching trees and flowerbeds, and adding paths from garden pavers or stone.

The Exterior of the Home

If necessary, clean the exterior of the home with a pressure washer, or repaint it to give it a pretty, fresh look. Gutters can be cleaned and painted to match the trim of the home, and any loose siding should be repaired as well. Make sure that the windows are cleaned and polished, as well as any fixtures attached to the exterior of the home, from doorknobs to mailboxes and decorative accents.


Ensure that no weeds are growing beside or through the sidewalks and check for cracks or crumbling on walkways, steps, and patios. Make sure the sidewalks are swept and cleared, or in winter, salted to prevent ice build up. Edging walkways with flowers or greenery can instantly improve the curb appeal of a home and doesn’t cost a lot of money.


Ensure that all exterior areas of the home (sidewalks, lawn, patios, etc.) are free of clutter and that personal items like bicycles, children’s toys and gardening equipment are stored in garages or sheds. The garage door should be kept closed, and all other outdoor items should be neat and tidy. Curb appeal can be improved by symmetrical additions of hanging plants and flowers near porches and patios.

The Roof

Make sure there are no missing or broken shingles on the roof, and that the chimney (if the home has one) is clean. Ensuring that the roof is clean and free of pine needles, dried leaves and other debris is another great way to increase the curb appeal of a home.

Other Personal Items

Any other personal items belonging to the family (such as RVs, ATVs, and other large items) should be stored in another place while the home is being listed for sale. Patio furniture, sand boxes, swing sets and other personal items can take away from the curb appeal and prevent potential owners from being able to imagine the home as theirs. These should be moved to a new location so the lawn and surrounding areas act as a blank canvas for potential homebuyers.

Making sure the curb appeal of a home is wonderful is one of the best Colorado real estate tips, and allows potential homebuyers to see the value of a home before they ever step foot indoors.

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Holding a Successful Open House in Colorado

Open House In Colorado

One of the best ways a Colorado real estate broker can successfully sell a home is by holding an open house in Colorado. It gives the realtor a chance to bring in several prospective home buyers and allows those potential home buyers to see the home and personally experience everything it has to offer. There are a few important tricks to holding a successful open house in Colorado, and by using them, a real estate broker can increase the chances of selling the home.

Accentuate What Buyers are Looking for in Colorado Homes

Individuals who are in the market for Colorado homes are typically looking for a few important things. For instance, if the house you’re selling is a beautiful ranch-style home with an open floor plan, make sure there is no clutter and that the potential buyer can easily envision his or her own things within the home. If the home has a large basement area, make sure it’s completely cleaned out and make a point of showing the homeowners the space and talking about the different things that can be done with it. Accentuating the home’s features is a great way to succeed in Colorado real estate.

Deep-Cleaning the Home

While cleaning is a no-brainer, before holding an open house, it should be completely deep-cleaned. This means everything should be gone over with a fine tooth comb to ensure that the house is spotless. Use dusters to clean baseboards and crown molding, make sure all corners are dusted and clean, scrub bathrooms until fixtures look brand new, and make sure any furniture remaining in the home is spotless. One thing that can really help is a fresh coat of paint to brighten walls.

Staging your Open House in Colorado

One of the most useful marketing tactics in selling Colorado real estate is to ensure that the home is staged properly. Great staging helps the prospective buyers see the potential in a home without seeing the connection to the previous owners. All personal items should be removed (pictures, clothing, etc.) and only neutral furnishings and decorations should remain. If walls are painted an eccentric color (magenta, teal, lime green, etc.), they should be repainted to a neutral color. This allows the home to act like a blank canvas that visitors can mentally project their stuff into, making them more likely to really consider the home.

Extra Tips

There are a few great tips Colorado real estate agents use to hold a successful open house in Colorado homes. Simmer a small pot of spices (orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, etc.) on the stove to create a delicious, welcoming scent or bake cookies. Provide flyers with pictures of the house to those who visit and want to think about it. Another great tip is to talk about the home as if the buyers were already seriously considering it. For instance, “This would make a great playroom for the little one on the way.” This will make the potential homeowners look at the house as if it were theirs and envision what they might do with the different rooms and areas.

Using these Colorado real estate agent tips and tricks, as well as advertising the open house as much as possible, can help you hold a more successful open house. That will translate into selling more beautiful Colorado homes.

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10 Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado

Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado

Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado

photo by Lena

Selling vacation homes in Colorado requires careful planning in order to ensure that the property sells quickly for the highest possible price. To successfully achieve this, it is essential that the property stands out from all others on the market. Here are 10 tips for selling vacation homes in Colorado to assist in a quick sale:

Tip #1 of Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado:  Buyer’s Perspective

It’s important to take a step back from a much-loved property and view it as a potential buyer might see it. Ensure that the home is viewed with a critical and objective eye in order to see things that need to be changed, fixed or improved upon. Looking at things from the buyer’s perspective is one of the best tips for selling your home.

Tip #2 of Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado: De-personalize

When a potential buyer visits, it’s important that they can see themselves in the house. Many will already be imagining how their furniture will look, where they can put their photographs and so on. With this in mind, ensure that they can view the property as a ‘blank canvas’. If rooms are full of your personal belongings, photographs and clutter, it will be impossible for a viewer to imagine themselves in that setting.

Tip #3: De-clutter

Work on clearing things out – don’t simply shove clutter into cupboards. Be ruthless in throwing things away as viewers will obviously look into cupboards and storage spaces. Imagine a potential buyer who’s in love with your property opening a closet only to have ten-year-old fishing equipment fall on their head. These tips for selling your home are important to apply to all areas of the property.

Tip #4: Local Knowledge

Be enthusiastic and prepared to offer plenty of useful information on the local area and available services. Remember that buyers are looking for a vacation spot so it’s important that it sounds as attractive as possible. Mention how good the food is at a local restaurant and talk about how many activities can be enjoyed at the lake down the road. If there is a rental program, mention it.

Tip #5: Fixtures and Fittings

Put any furniture or fittings you do not want included in the sale into storage – this will stop viewers from falling in love with something and experiencing disappointment when they realize it doesn’t come with the property. Similarly, mention anything that you’re willing to leave.

Tip #6: Essential Repairs

Ensure that all repairs are carried out before placing the home for sale. This is essential to listing any property and, in particular, for selling vacation homes in Colorado. Sales can be held up if the house fails inspection, which is easy to prevent in many cases.

Tip #7: Clean & Fresh

Make sure that the homes are sparkling clean when selling vacation homes in Colorado. Hire professional cleaners if necessary and make sure the home smells fresh and inviting at all times.

Tip #8: Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can make the buyer feel instantly welcome or put off before even stepping foot inside the house.  Ensure that the exterior paint is fresh, the flowerbeds are weeded and the lawn is freshly cut to make potential buyers see the beautiful of the home.

Tip #9: Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of Colorado can make it easier to sell a vacation home.  This is our 9th of the tips to sell your vacation homes in Colorado.  Ensure that you add emphasis to the mountains, lakes and areas that surround the property.  Many of these treasured places may be tucked away and not well known about.  Buyers can easily fall in love with a home and area if you share these local treasures with them.

Tip #10: Aesthetics

A home’s overall aesthetic appeal can make or break a sale when selling vacation homes in Colorado. The general design and flow of a house is what can help to see it as a home. Use a neutral palette in your décor and add touches of color with natural items such as cut flowers.

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Showing Colorado Real Estate in the Snow

Showing Colorado Real Estate In The Snow

The three most important things when considering the value of real estate are location, location and location! What should you do when you’re trying to sell a piece of real estate located in an area constantly buried by snow? Often, Colorado real estate endures between 50 and 150 inches of snowfall per year, which can make selling real estate a risky business. Luckily, a few simple tricks can turn the pesky snow into a much appreciated ally.

Clear a Pathway

Shovel or clear the walkway that leads up to the building with a snow blower. The idea is to make the property look cleaner than the rest. When the piece of real estate on the market appears cleaner and better kept than the rest of the neighborhood, it gives potential buyers the impression that the building is of value. A clean walkway also decreases the chances of immediate rejection. If a potential buyer has to walk through mounds of snow, they are more likely to lose interest in purchasing the property because it gives the impression that the property is dirty and requires a lot of maintenance. Once the pathway is cleared, sprinkle it with salt or a de-icing product to prevent the build up of ice.

Remove Excess Snow

Remove snow from any roof, section of gutters, patio, balcony, deck or porch. The idea of showing real estate to potential buyers is to show the actual real estate, not how much snow it can hold. Clearing excess snow allows potential buyers in the Colorado real estate market to see the property clearly, which is a big selling point. Removing excess snow is also a safety precaution because falling snow or ice can injure a buyer and open up an unwanted legal can of worms.

Protect the Floor

Lay plastic or runners, which are small rugs, on the carpeting near the entrance way of the building. Shoes that are wet and dirty from the snow may track filth onto the carpeting. Dirty carpet is something that no buyer in the Colorado real estate market wants to see. Clean carpets present potential buyers with the image of a clean property. If the carpets do get dirty, have them professionally cleaned immediately.

Turn on the Heat

Turn on the furnace and warm the property so it is a comfortable temperature. If the property doesn’t have a furnace or an electric heating system, purchase space heaters and place one in each room of the property. The last thing potential buyers want in Colorado real estate is a cold building. Providing a warm environment for potential buyers not only encourages them to stay and look at the property without rushing through it, but it also gives them a sense of comfort when they walk in from the cold. The comfort associated with the property just might be the tipping point that gets them to put an offer on the property.

The Colorado real estate market is unlike any other in the United States. Constant snowfall and winter-like conditions may make it seem difficult to sell real estate in Colorado, but removing snow and maintaining the property will prevent potential buyers from being deterred by the snow.

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Facebook and Colorado Real Estate Agents

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BULL Forms Doing Business on Facebook

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