10 Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado

Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado

Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado

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Selling vacation homes in Colorado requires careful planning in order to ensure that the property sells quickly for the highest possible price. To successfully achieve this, it is essential that the property stands out from all others on the market. Here are 10 tips for selling vacation homes in Colorado to assist in a quick sale:

Tip #1 of Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado:  Buyer’s Perspective

It’s important to take a step back from a much-loved property and view it as a potential buyer might see it. Ensure that the home is viewed with a critical and objective eye in order to see things that need to be changed, fixed or improved upon. Looking at things from the buyer’s perspective is one of the best tips for selling your home.

Tip #2 of Tips for Selling Vacation Homes in Colorado: De-personalize

When a potential buyer visits, it’s important that they can see themselves in the house. Many will already be imagining how their furniture will look, where they can put their photographs and so on. With this in mind, ensure that they can view the property as a ‘blank canvas’. If rooms are full of your personal belongings, photographs and clutter, it will be impossible for a viewer to imagine themselves in that setting.

Tip #3: De-clutter

Work on clearing things out – don’t simply shove clutter into cupboards. Be ruthless in throwing things away as viewers will obviously look into cupboards and storage spaces. Imagine a potential buyer who’s in love with your property opening a closet only to have ten-year-old fishing equipment fall on their head. These tips for selling your home are important to apply to all areas of the property.

Tip #4: Local Knowledge

Be enthusiastic and prepared to offer plenty of useful information on the local area and available services. Remember that buyers are looking for a vacation spot so it’s important that it sounds as attractive as possible. Mention how good the food is at a local restaurant and talk about how many activities can be enjoyed at the lake down the road. If there is a rental program, mention it.

Tip #5: Fixtures and Fittings

Put any furniture or fittings you do not want included in the sale into storage – this will stop viewers from falling in love with something and experiencing disappointment when they realize it doesn’t come with the property. Similarly, mention anything that you’re willing to leave.

Tip #6: Essential Repairs

Ensure that all repairs are carried out before placing the home for sale. This is essential to listing any property and, in particular, for selling vacation homes in Colorado. Sales can be held up if the house fails inspection, which is easy to prevent in many cases.

Tip #7: Clean & Fresh

Make sure that the homes are sparkling clean when selling vacation homes in Colorado. Hire professional cleaners if necessary and make sure the home smells fresh and inviting at all times.

Tip #8: Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can make the buyer feel instantly welcome or put off before even stepping foot inside the house.  Ensure that the exterior paint is fresh, the flowerbeds are weeded and the lawn is freshly cut to make potential buyers see the beautiful of the home.

Tip #9: Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of Colorado can make it easier to sell a vacation home.  This is our 9th of the tips to sell your vacation homes in Colorado.  Ensure that you add emphasis to the mountains, lakes and areas that surround the property.  Many of these treasured places may be tucked away and not well known about.  Buyers can easily fall in love with a home and area if you share these local treasures with them.

Tip #10: Aesthetics

A home’s overall aesthetic appeal can make or break a sale when selling vacation homes in Colorado. The general design and flow of a house is what can help to see it as a home. Use a neutral palette in your décor and add touches of color with natural items such as cut flowers.

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