Colorado Spring Skiing Brings Out the Purchasers

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Spring Skiing In Colorado Helps Real Estate Sales

Great Colorado Spring Season Skiing Has Brought Out the Purchasers

Individuals who love winter sports, especially skiing, have come out in droves to purchase great Colorado Springs real estate. This allows them to be closer to the ski resorts, therefore saving money and enjoying the ability to visit more often. The 2012 spring skiing season has been a wonderful one, tempting ski lovers even more.

Ski Resorts Near Colorado Springs

There are numerous ski resorts for Colorado Springs residents to choose from, and each one has their own unique features and draws. The Arapahoe Basin Ski and Snowboard Area, established in 1946, offers a summit elevation of 13,050 feet as well as over one hundred carved trails sure to please. The Eldora Mountain Resort is another crowd pleaser, with top elevation at 10,800 feet and 680 acres of “skiable terrain.” They also offer the difficult double black diamond trail, Corona Bowl.  This is just a few of many, many wonderful ski options near Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Average Home Prices

Another important factor that has added to the increase of home purchases in Colorado Springs is that there’s a home for every budget. For instance, in Northwest Colorado Springs, the average home price is about $268,850 while the Northeast Colorado Springs area boasts an average home price of about $206,463. Those looking for a more affordable home have taken advantage of Eastside Colorado Springs’ home price average, which is about $173,775. The average is even lower in Central and Downtown Colorado Springs, at about $141,448.

Snapping Up the Homes Quickly

Statistics show that individuals are purchasing homes more quickly this year than last, and a lot of that could potentially be due to the great ski season. For instance, in Eastside Colorado Springs in February, homes stayed on the market an average of just 118 days. In the Central and Downtown area, the average was just 92 days on the market and in the Northeast are, just 91 days. The lowest average is for Northwest Colorado Springs, where the average number of days a home has been on the market is just 55.

Benefits of Purchasing Colorado Springs Real Estate

Within 100 miles in nearly every direction, there is a plethora of ski resorts and areas to choose from. Avid skiers have the ability to drive to a ski resort in just over an hour, so there’s no need to purchase a nearby hotel room or plan an all-day drive. This also allows those ski fans to visit the resort of their choice more often, so they can get in all the ski or snowboarding time they want. Living near a number of ski resorts allows individuals to save a lot of time, a lot of money, and certainly enjoy themselves a lot more often.

Those who love outdoor winter sports like skiing and snowboarding should consider Colorado Springs as a great place to purchase real estate. Numerous benefits as well as beautiful homes combines to create the perfect home for the winter outdoor enthusiast.

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