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Switching from RealFast for DORA Contracts

August 1 2011 RealFast announced that it was acquired by ZipLogix.  For many Colorado Real Estate professionals, this meant it was time to look for a new provider of DORA Colorado Real Estate Contracts.  Change is difficult, especially if you have been using RealFast for an extended period of time and you have built up a large library of transactions.

Here at BULL Forms we are doing our best to ensure a smooth transition to our new users coming over from RealFast.  This guide will assist you in copying over your existing transactions to BULL Forms.  With unlimited storage included with each paying subscription there is no need to worry about uploading too many documents!

Migrating Documents from RealFast2Go

Once you have logged into your realfast2go account, navigate to a transaction that you would like to export.  Click on the create pdf link near the bottom lefthand side of the page, highlighted in yellow below:

Switch from RealFast to BULL Forms For DORA Forms Create PDF

Next, check each of the documents you would like to export into PDF format, again, highlighted in yellow below:

Switch from RealFast to BULL Forms Colorado for DORA Forms Export your PDFs

Almost there! Next you have to select the location where the PDF files will be saved. Enter the output directory into the location highlighted below.  Make sure that you select any easy to remember and easily accessible location.

Switch from RealFast to BULL Forms Colorado Save File

Final step in the export process, click on the create PDF button highlighted below:

Switch from RealFast to BULL Forms Colorado Create PDF

Repeat this process for all of the transactions you would like to import into BULL Forms and you can now start importing your transactions.

Importing transactions into BULL Forms

Now you are ready to import your PDF documents into BULL Forms.  Start by creating a new deal for all of the forms you are going to import.  Click on create new deal near the left hand side.

BULL Forms Colorado Create New Deal

You will be prompted to choose a deal name:

BULL Forms Colorado Select Deal Name

Once you have created the deal, click on the files icon for the deal, as highlighted in yellow below:

BULL Forms Colorado Files

After clicking on the file icon you will enter the file management window.  You can create a folder, or upload all of your documents anywhere you choose.  Click on the upload link:

BULL Forms Colorado Upload Files

From the upload window you can upload multiple files at a time, navigate to the location where you saved your RealFast documents and click on the upload button.

BULL Forms Colorado Upload Files ModalFor more information on our file storage functionality, please read this previous blog post.

If you need assistance transferring previous transactions please contact us here.


BULL Forms!

DORA Forms and File Storage = Ultimate Real Estate Tool

BULL Forms is proud to announce the launch of our fully integrated file storage solution.

What does this mean for agents using our product to generate DORA forms?

All BULL Forms Colorado users can now upload, share and store all of their files easily using the same familiar interface they have become accustomed to. There is no additional charge to our users and all users have unlimited file storage!

You no longer have to use multiple programs, frequently jumping between programs. Instead you can now easily upload multiple files into your deal and you will have all of the information you need in one easy to access location. Your files are automatically synced into the cloud and available from any computer with internet access using your account credentials.

Let’s see how the file storage solution works. When you log into your account you will now notice that there is a file icon on each one of your deals:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Icon

Click on the “files” icon to be taken into the file navigator:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Dashboard


Once within the files dashboard you will be able to navigate between deals to view all files in each of your files.  All of your deals will automatically be listed on the left hand side of the window.  Please note: If you delete a deal, you will delete all associated forms and files!

From the main screen you can choose to create a folder or upload files.  If you want to keep your files nice and neat, you may want to add a new folder, you can do so by clicking on the “Create Folder” icon, you will be prompted to name the folder, as pictured below:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Create FolderType in your desired folder name and click create or enter to create the folder.  Here is what the folder you just created will look like:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Folder ListDouble click on the new folder to jump in and view its contents.

To upload files lets click on the “Upload” icon.  Click on the “Select” button near the top right corner.  Your browser’s file manager will open.  Select all of the files that you wish to upload.  You can select as many files as you like. Once you have started uploading files you will be shown your progress.  Once all uploads are complete you will see a window like this:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage UploadedIf you are done uploading files you can click on the “finished” icon or the “X” on the top right corner of the window. You will now see your files, as illustrated below:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Uploaded FilesYou have the option to rename, download, share or delete each file.  If you want to send your client or co-worker a file, but don’t want to download and email the file, you can share the file with one click.  Click on the “Share” icon. The file will be shared, and you will see the following:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Shared

Click on the email link and you will see the email window:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Email Link

Your client or coworker will receive an email with a link to the file that you have shared. Be careful as this file will be available to any party with the link.  The public view of the file will look like this:

BULL Forms Colorado File Storage Public ViewAll of us here at BULL Forms hope that you enjoy the file storage solution and integrate it into your Real Estate Offices. You now have one location to generate your DORA Colorado Contracts and save all of your files!

As always, if you have any feedback or feature recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You will be surprised how quickly we respond.

Thank you,

BULL Forms Team