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Unlimited Additional Provisions for DORA Contracts

Additional Provisions for DORA Contracts

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During our short time of existence one of the most frequently requested features was for more space in the additional provisions field in many of the DORA contracts.  When BULL Forms Colorado initially launched we only had about 250 characters of space in many of the DORA contracts.  We quickly discovered that this was not even close to enough space.

While we have made incremental improvements to the size of the additional provisions fields for the DORA contracts, it was never quite enough.  While on the phone with some of our users they indicated they sometimes included up to three pages of additional provisions.

Upgraded Additional Provisions

We currently are supporting unlimited additional provisions in all of the DORA Sales Contracts.  There is no change to the end user, there are just no longer any restrictions on the amount of information that can be input into these fields.

Here is a preview of the additional provisions field in our “easy view”

Additional Provisions on DORA Contracts

and here is the field in our classic view:

For the purpose of illustration we are going to insert some of our favorite developer text into the field (Lorem Ipsum).

Easy View:

DORA Forms Additional Provisions Filled In

Classic View:

DORA Forms Additional Provisions Filled In

When we print the contract BULL Forms Colorado will automatically calculate the additional pages required to fit all of the additional provisions you enter into your DORA contracts.

DORA Contracts Additional Provisions PDF

Thank you,

BULL Forms Team

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